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Keya is a rising 11th grader at Independence High School in Ashburn, VA.

Her GPA is 4.25 and she is enrolled in Honors, AP and Dual Enrollment classes in her Sophomore year.

Keya likes to read fiction and non-fiction books in her free time. Her favorite subjects are Science, History, and English. She takes French and Orchestra as electives.


High School level classes completed in Middle School:

French IA+
Algebra IA
French IIA

Freshman Course load:

English 9HHonorsA
Intermediate OrchestraA+
French IIIA-
Health and PE 9A+
Algebra 2/TrigonometryHonorsA-
Research BiologyHonorsA
Intro to AP World HistoryHonorsA

Sophomore Course Load

AP World HistoryAPA-
Research ChemistryA
Health and PE 10A+
French IV HonorsA-
Precalculus DEDual EnrollmentB
Artist OrchestraA
English 10HHonorsA
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